Counterfeit measures

Lobbying the authorities to crack down on counterfeit products

Since 2008, JAPIA has visited the relevant authorities in China every year to appeal to them to strengthen their efforts to detect counterfeit products, and in fiscal year 2019, a 16 member-team from six member companies visited the customs authorities in Guangzhou City  (Huangpu Customs) to directly explain to the customs officers how to determine the authenticity of each company's products and to strongly urge them to detect counterfeit products.


Briefing at Huangpu Customs

Survey on the actual distribution of counterfeit products in overseas markets

To provide logistical support for member companies' counterfeit detection activities in ASEAN countries, JAPIA has conducted country-specific counterfeit distribution surveys since 2016 (Thailand in 2016, Indonesia in 2017, Vietnam in 2018, the Philippines in 2019, and Malaysia in 2020 (planned).