Support for Small and Medium-sized Member Companies

In January 2016, the Association was certified as an "Agency for the Promotion of Management Improvement" under the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Business Strengthening Act, and with the aim of supporting the improvement of the management capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises that strongly support the supply chain of the Japanese automotive industry, the organization holds seminars and field trips to study the strengthening of management bases, the improvement of competitiveness, and the enhancement of productivity through the use of IT and IOT, and engages in support activities for small and medium sized member companies.


The Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Committee operates a web-based exhibition (Technical Information Service on Automotive Parts) with the aim of creating businessopportunities between the member companies and automobile manufacturers(and primary suppliers).
In addition, JAPIA organized tours and seminars to support member companies in their efforts to improve productivity and added value.

(The seminars on productivity improvement initiatives (Fujitsu and others), a tour of the Kimura Foundry (Observing a state-of-the-art casting production system using a 3D printer) )