The functions and roles of the major 4 committees are as follows:

◆ Organizational Affairs Committee
Research and studies are conducted regarding issues faced by the auto parts industry. This committee cooperates with organizations related to the auto industry in various activities and exchanges views with them.

◆ International Affairs Committee
The rapid globalization of the Japanese auto industry has been producing increasingly complicated problems. Because it is difficult for each individual auto parts manufacturer to address these problems, this committee helps to solve the problems and communicates with overseas organizations concerned for the benefit of auto parts manufacturers.

◆ Applied Technologies Committee
This committee exchanges views and communicates with the national government and various organizations related to the auto industry regarding efforts to address environmental issues, introduce IT and formulate international standards for auto parts.

◆ Small & Medium Enterprises Committee 
In light of the management issues that small and medium-sized companies now face, JAPIA serves as an intermediary between them and auto manufacturers at business meetings/trade shows of auto parts technologies, and communicates with the national government toward securing policies to support small businesses, technological development and employment.