JAPIA Standard Material Datasheet ver.4.20

【Notification】 JAPIA sheet ver.4.20 released.(Oct 1, 2023)new  

 From July 1, 2022, JAMA sheet will be replaced by "JAPIA sheet".
 Use the "JAPIA Sheet" for formal substance surveys.

  ◆System requirement:
   Windows 8.1  or higher.
   Excel 2013 SP1  or higher. (English Ver. and Japanese Ver.)

  ◆The password is necessary to use Datasheet (Data input form). 
  Please ask the requestor of investigation when you do not know the password. 

  ◆An external file cannot be opened.

  The content and disclosure of the BSL, Application Form for Adding BSL Substances


<Concerning file downloading and usage>

The file compressed by the ZIP form is downloaded, so please unzip the file in an orderly manner after downloading.

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0-1. JAPIA Standard Material Datasheet Overview
0-2.Appendix:BSL changes
 1.Operating Rules   - -
 2.Data Input Form 2-1. JAPIA Sheet (Data Input Form) -
 3.External File 3-1. JAPIA Sheet (External List) ★Oct,1
3-2. External List Guide -
3-3. Appendix:External List Abstract ★Oct,1
3-4. JAPIA sheet application form for adding BSL substances -
4-1. Input Manual ★Oct,1
4-2. JAPIA Sheet Input Sample ★Oct,1
 5.Substance List 5-1. GADSL Reference List -
 Download All   ★Oct,1
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 9.Past Summary 9-2. Summary of (JAMA/)JAPIA Standard Material Datasheet version upgrade(Ver.2.01-4.10) -

◆The JAPIA Standard Material Datasheet has been agreed to by the JAPIA Sheet meeting*1 incliuding the Japan Auto Parts Industries Association to investigate into materials and substances contained in products with a view to meeting requirements on environmental regulations.


You should note that the following actions are prohibited for all the relevant documents.

  • You may not use those documents for any purposes other than the inter-firm exchange of information on substances of environmental concern contained in products.
  • The relevant documents and programs are protected by laws and conventions on copyright and other intellectual property rights. You may not illegally apply any of those documents and programs.
  • You may not distribute any of those documents and programs to a third party with whom you have not entered into a basic marketing agreement or other inter-firm contracts.

The original document for JAPIA Standard Material Datasheet created and edited in Japanese documents.
If you have some issues and concerns, you have to confirm in Japanese document at first.


  • We will not be liable and responsible for monetary or other damage resulting from use of the JAPIA Standard Material Datasheet (including the external file and other relevant documents) whether the damage is attributable to intended operation or errors of the data sheet.
  • An error or other trouble detected in the JAPIA Standard Material Datasheet (including the external file and other relevant documents) shall not affect any inter-firm agreements. If a report cannot be submitted by the time limit determined by the parties for investigation or other unexpected faults occur, the parties must bargain with each other for control.
  • Error checking on the JAPIA Standard Material Datasheet deals only with the format of input data. The appropriate firm must be responsible for input contents. We will not be liable and responsible for any input data errors detected during data transmission or other processes.
  • The JAPIA Standard Material Datasheet (including the external file and other relevant documents) is subject to change without prior notice.

*1 Consists of Japan Auto Parts Industries Association, Japan Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association, Japan Industrial Vehicles Association and Japan Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Association.