Video movie

The DVD "Auto Parts Visualized 1"  are for introducing the structure and function of automobile parts likening to human organs and "Auto Parts Visualized 2" is on the structure of "advanced environment-compatible vehicle" including hybrid cars with particularly superior environmental performance, compact and light weight technology for automotive parts contributing to fuel efficiency improvement, fuel saving technology and environmental performance
  - Contents –
1. Opening
2. The Heart
3. Circulatory System, Digestive System
4. Motor System “Driving” Part 1    
5. Motor System “Driving” Part 2
6. Motor System “Turning”
7. Motor System “Braking”
8. Nervous System, Brain
9. Skeleton, Skin

  - Contents –
1. Opening
2. Size and Weight Reduction of Auto Parts
3. Energy Efficient Technologies: Engine and Its Components
4. Comparing Engines and Motors
5. The History of the Hybrid Car
6. Types of Hybrid Systems
7. The Motor and the Generator
8. The Inverter
9. The Battery
10. ECU・PCU・High-Voltage Wiring Harness
11. Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles and Electric Cars