Japan Auto Parts Industries Association

Chairman's Message
From the address by Chairman Koji Arima at the Ordinary General Meeting (May 25, 2023) I am Mr. Koji Arima, Chairman of the Board.

Thank you very much for joining us today at the Ordinary General Meeting. The G7 Summit in Hiroshima, which you have all been paying attention to, was a very significant summit, as it demonstrated the G7 leaders' strong unity and will to defend the international order amidst the world's growing tendency toward division and confrontation.

9 Jun 2023
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What’s New
Special Feature Article

Increased entry of parts suppliers into new businesses
~Seeking next-generation businesses for the arrival of the EV era~

As the automotive industry faces a "once-in-a-century" transformation, automotive parts manufacturers are scrambling to establish new businesses. Although there have been moves to diversify businesses in the past, the company sees new businesses as a promising source of future earnings against the backdrop of a decrease in the number of parts due to the spread of EVs and a shortage of labor.

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EVs infrastructure network to be advanced through public-private partnership
~Current Status and Challenges for the Full-Scale Dissemination of EVs~

An essential element for the widespread use of EVs is a well-developed recharging infrastructure network. The government is planning to announce a new charging network strategy at the end of August 2023, and to move forward rapidly with the development in Japan.

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DX Frontline for Automobile Parts Manufacturers
~Securing Digital Human Resources is also an Important Issue~

Automobile development and manufacturing sites are undergoing major changes through digital transformation (DX). Digital technology is not just a tool for saving labor and improving efficiency; it must be linked to development and production activities, technological innovation, and even corporate transformation in order to respond to the rapidly changing times.

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Rapidly Expanding Next-Generation Cockpit Development
~Multifunctional "integrated cockpits" are the trend~

Car electronics manufacturers and interior component manufacturers are working to develop cockpits for adoption in next-generation vehicles. This is because the rapid development of electrification, automated driving, sharing, and MaaS (mobility as a service) has shifted the automobile interior from a space for transportation to a space as comfortable as a living space.

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Activities of JAPIA

No.15 : Voluntary Action Plan for Logistics” 
Report: Organizational Affairs Committee, Transaction Optimization TF, Production Management Logistics Team
A Specialized team has formulated JAPIA's own voluntary action plan for logistics to address the "2024 Logistics Problem," aiming to maintain and strengthen the supply chain

 The "2024 Logistics Problem" will have a major impact on various industries and people's lives, including Japan's manufacturing industry. As part of the reform of work styles to address the long working hours of truck drivers and the shortage of workers, a cap on truck driver overtime hours (960 hours per year) will be applied from April this year, which is expected to lead to a serious situation in Japan's trucking capacity.

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No.14 : Task Force Activities for the Realization of Data Distribution”  Report: Data Distribution Realization Task Force
A New public-private partnership launched in May 2023 to connect the automobile industry’s supply chain with digital information

 In the automobile industry, which is said to be undergoing a once-in-a-century transformation, digitalization is having a significant impact in the areas of car manufacturing and distribution. In Europe, as electric vehicles become more widespread, digital battery passports, which record information about car batteries, are becoming mandatory.

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No.13 : Background and Aims of Establishing “Health and Safety Subcommittee”  Report: Health and Safety Subcommittee
Subcommittee activities started this year, providing various information and measures to achieve "Zero Workplace Accidents" for member companies

Subcommittee activities started this year to provide various Information and measures to aim for "Zero Industrial Injuries" in member companies. JAPIA has newly established Health and Safety Subcommittee this fiscal year to disseminate information to all member companies with the aim of reducing industrial injuries to zero.

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Carbon Neutral Activities  Report: Carbon Neutrality Subcommittee

Disseminate information on CN response, its approaches, and case studies to members.

   JAPIA Carbon Neutrality (CN) Subcommittee was established in April 2021 in response to Government's "2050 Carbon Neutrality Declaration." CN is an important issue that could shake the very foundations of the automotive industry, and the CN Subcommittee is working with the four main JAPIA committees to promote CN activities across the board.

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