Japan Auto Parts Industries Association

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JAPIA East Branch, Central Branch, and West Branch are each developing their own activities based on the needs of their members.

Various lectures and seminars, factory and facility tours, etc.
   JAPIA has a total of 428 regular and associate member companies. In addition to the head office, which coordinates the activities of the entire industry, including statistical surveys of the entire auto parts industry, examination and response to issues faced by the industry, and provision of information on government policies, the JAPIA is divided into three branches (JAPIA East Branch, JAPIA Central Branch, and JAPIA West Branch), which conduct their own activities.

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A Special Feature Article
The EV industry is attracting a number of entrants from different industries - Aiming to develop new markets with a focus on compact EVs
   The automotive industry is undergoing a period of once-in-a-century transformation. An increasing number of companies from different industries are seizing this period of change as a business opportunity and using the mobility field as a new business growth pillar.

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