Who we are

The Japan Auto Parts Industries Association (JAPIA)was founded in August 1969 as a “public interest incorporated association” aimed at working to promote the auto parts industry of Japan. Since its reorganization in December 2011 as a “general incorporated association”, JAPIA has been engaging in various activities for the further development of the industry.

For the moment, the number of member companies and organizations is approximately 440, mainly TIER 1. Annual value of production of the member companies in Japan is about US$ 200 billion, accounting more or less 70% of the total value of production about US$ 300 billion of all of Japan. Meanwhile, the overseas value of production, currently at around US$ 140 billion, is growing at a speed at which overseas production will exceed domestic production.

◆ Auto parts industry in Japan: Annual value of production by 8,000 companies with 
    626,000 employees is about US$ 300 billion (2016).

◆ JAPIA member companies: Annual domestic value of production is about
 US$ 200 billion and overseas value of production is about US$140 billion(2016).