IPR Subcommittee

Intellectual Property Rights Subcommittee

Intellectual Property Rights Subcommittee was established in July 2002 for the purpose of addressing the problem of overseas infringement of intellectual property rights in the industry. Although tackling the problem of counterfeit products is still the most important issue, the subcommittee also engages in activities related to various issues related to intellectual property rights in the auto parts industry in general, such as the problem of technology outflow, training of intellectual property personnel, and research on overseas patent trends. 

Patent Research and Intellectual Property Human Resource Development

The Intellectual Property Rights Subcommittee (IPRS) selects the most appropriate theme under the title of "Patent Research" and holds study sessions within the subcommittee. In fiscal year 2019, IPRS gave lectures on "Negotiation techniques related to intellectual property" and "RPA* of intellectual property operations" and established a new RPA-WG to summarize the actual situation and points to consider when introducing RPA for intellectual property operations. (*RPA = Robotic Process Automation, business process automation technology)  
In addition, since fiscal 2017, IPRS has organized IP seminars for member companies in order to promote IP management and human resource development among our members. And in fiscal 2019, IPRS organized three types of seminars in Tokyo and Nagoya: "Introduction to IP," "IP for Contract Work," and "Prevention of Technology Drain," all of which were highly appreciated by total of 140 participants.