BCP Level-Up Seminar

During the West Japan torrential rains in July 2018, many of our member companies suffered damage such as landslides, flooding, power outages and water cuts, and many cases of supply chain disruptions. Typhoon No. 19, which struck in October 2019, also caused extensive damage in all over the country and had a significant impact on corporate activities. Under these circumstances, JAPIA assumes that there is a growing interest in the development and review of business continuity plans (BCPs) in preparation for the disasters.

As an activity to support the BCP efforts of member companies, JAPIA has been holding seminars every year mainly on initial response measures in the event of earthquakes, but from fiscal year 2018, the theme has been changed from "earthquakes" to "heavy rainfall disasters due to typhoons". A series of BCP improvement seminars were held in five locations across Japan to provide participants with practical experience in responding to a typhoon as members of a corporate disaster response headquarters.
(Place of the event : Tokyo, Hamamatsu,Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima)