Overview of major committees



            Organizational Affairs Committee

The Organizational Affairs Committee conducts research and studies on the challenges the auto parts industry is facing and actively exchanges views and engages in joint activities with various organizations related to the auto industry.

Main Themes: Strengthening the management foundations of member companies, disseminating information on the Subcontracting Law and various guidelines for proper trade practices, and requesting tax rules revision



            International Committee

The challenges associated with the globalization of the Japanese automotive industry are becoming more and more complex every year. Because it is difficult for each individual auto parts manufacturer to address these challenges, this committee helps to solve the problems and communicates with overseas organizations concerned for the benefit of auto parts manufacturers.

Main Themes: Dealing with International Trade Issues, Anti-counterfeiting activities related to intellectual property rights, Participation in international conferences with auto parts-related organizations in the U.S. and Europe, etc.


            General Technical Committee

This committee coordinates and exchanges opinions with the government and various automotive-related organizations, with a focus on environmental issues, the use of information technology, and the creation of international standards for automotive parts.

The committee coordinates and exchanges opinions with the government and various automotive-related organizations.

Main Themes: Surveys and studies of CO2 emissions reduction, formulation of voluntary environmental action plans, operation of JAMA/JAPIA unified data sheets, surveys and research on various chemical substances, dissemination and standardization of CAD technology, dissemination and improvement of activities of EDI, response to the standards and certification system, etc.



            SME Committee

In order to address the challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), this committee provides with the government support for small and medium-sized enterprises, support for technological development and employment security, and the creation of business opportunities through the auto parts technology information service (web exhibition).


            Motorcycle Parts Committee

This committee works with motorcycle manufacturers in conducting research and exchanging views for the purpose of addressing issues specific to them.



            Replacement Parts and Accessories Committee

Research and studies are conducted on market trends in replacement parts and supplies in Japan and developing countries.



            Activities of Branch Offices

JAPIA East Branch, JAPIA Central Branch, and JAPIA West Branch, is actively carrying out various activities to meet the needs of members in their area.